Friday, 17 June 2011


‘Can a bird sing only the song it knows, or can it learn a new song?’ ...Dostoevsky

We sing a new song with “Nyango Mboa” our Autumn 2011 collection. A song of joy, and of love. We’ve added a lot more forms and colours than before, pushing our imaginations a step further. Nyango Mboa is a colourful combination of ethnic and occidental patterns in rich hues of green, fuchsia, yellow and purple.

In this collection, we celebrate the metamorphosis of cultures but strongly emphasize on our African heritage through our choice of fabrics.

My inspiration for this collection came while looking through my granny’s albums. She truly was a woman of the house. Simple, yet sophisticated and always well groomed.

We hope with this collection that every “lady” will be able to settle her score either with our casual pieces or cocktail dresses. As usual a few of the designs are limited in number. The black piece which we have called Nyango was made for a very special one and only one piece was made. Whoever gets her hands on this can be sure no one else will be stealing her look at any function.

Like they say, a crystal with many facets shines brightest. This collection has come to life through the collaborative efforts of my darling mother, and the whole team at the sewing room in Buea, and Douala the models, photographers Yaya and Ase who have been my stars. Thanks a lot for all your time and effort and for staying up most nights so we couls plan via skype. I love you all

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Maison d'Afie Rewards!

As the summer comes to an end, we unveil our most cherished secrets in la Maison. It's been
a very busy season for us but we are here to serve you and we are thankful for your custom.

"Maison d'Afie Rewards!" is our special way of saying thank you to our loyal customers.

We offer 10% discounts for every new customer recommended to us by an existing customer.
This voucher will only be valid after the recommended customer has purchased one of our
creations at its full value (price) and this offer is exclusive to our made to measure Privée line.

To claim this discount all you need to do is reply this email with subject title specified
'voucher redeem' and it will be applied upon completing your next invoice.
This voucher is valid for 60 days and should be redeemed within this period. Once a
customer qualifies, we will send them a voucher number to be redeemed in the specified time.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fashion Reconstructed

Fashion definitely has not lost its femininity albeit the depression. Fashion connoisseurs will agree with me that the 1930s and 40s were significant decades that highlighted the history of fashion. If necessity is the mother of invention, then in times of hardship, predictably the most stylish designs are invented or shall we say re-invented?
Nowadays, even the wealthiest show restraint in what they wear. They no longer feel at liberty to indulge in all of their fashion fantasies hence, a designer whose job is to create their client’s dreams, has to be more innovative and sensitive to the client’s demands without compromising on quality. Most designers are beginning to experiment with fabrics that were not classically used for mainstream dressmaking. The African print is the new emphasis.
Our African designers are doing an excellent job in delivering opulent, flamboyant pieces as we see new inspirations being born through collaboration of fashion and arts in their work. Traditional art and crafts from Africa such as weaving, knitting, dyeing and tapestry, has been taken to the epitome of fashion today.
Going through my archives for inspiration and research for my new collection, I couldn’t help but leave with the impression that the current fashion era was reminiscent of the 1930s. I realized how social trends dictate fashion.
The great depression had a profound influence on fashion designs. Designers had to transition from opulent designs to basic silhouette designs which were more affordable. Although this was driven by the economics of the time, these new designs became very culturally appealing and in retrospect influenced fashion in subsequent years. The quintessential features of these design entailed outfits that were centered around the contours of the body. In my new collection, I do not only play with colours, but focus on these silhouettes. Our bias-cut designs, creates clothes that flirtatiously fall on you, and show off your body in a more naturalistic way. The ruffles inadvertently give an illusion of elegance without being predictable.

Arguably, the current recession may just have been the breath of fresh air the African fashion industry needed! A recession does very little to our obsession over fashion. Especially to us women!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Afric Collection

The highly anticipated fashion festival in Douala, Afric Collection, is finally here. This event has become a fashion ritual in Cameroon with all upcoming designers rushing to get a place for the show. It is organized every February with the intention of promoting African culture.

Whether its sexy, trendy, classy or funky, every young designer is venturing to portray their version of African culture blended with their personal style, and you can only imagine how vibrant and exciting the atmosphere is. The Afric Collection festival is truly an exotic display of the beauty of African fashion and culture.
Some however are not here to display or to be known, but are here for inspiration from fashion students who come up with fresh and unique ideas for the show.
Maison d'Afie will be keeping you informed as the days go by with all the latest pictures and fashion gossips so follow on.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Ashu Weds Senge...the background work

Planning a wedding? Easier said than done!

I felt very honoured when my childhood friend Senge decided to use Maison d’Afie to design and create all her friends of the bride clothes. Initially I had very ambitious ideas of parading the girls in the most outrageous looks and of course showing up in the most fascinating dress but after spending oodles of my precious time in the market and in the sewing room, I realized a lot of the plans I had for the wedding were unrealistic given the time I had to prepare and Ialso had to remind myself that this wasn’t my day and my focus really had to be on making the ladies look pretty and dressed. Yes simply dressed.

The more time I allowed my creative juices to flow, the better I got at it though I changed my mind about designs and accessorizing fabrics every other day. It was a tough task but I have to tell you it was enjoyable and I’d do it all over again.

I’ts always easy when you know who you are designing for and when everyone of them is really cooperative and understanding but on the downside, you get asked to make last minute alterations that impinge into your delivery schedule.

For those of you who know Senge, you’d admit with me that she is one girl who’s always known what she wants and stands her ground. She is very understanding but does not compromise on her standards and I had to meet up to this. Imagine how much pressure this put me under…Frida was absolutely adorable running errands with me, sending text messages when I was too stressed up to even think and just being encouraging and supportive.

In the end we conquered fear, anticipation, anxiety and delivered. I am glad the designs matched the theme of the wedding and most especially that the bride was pleased with the work.

We are now open to more orders for 2010/2011. We will be accepting 10 weddings this year and we are already at 4. Once we hit our target for the year we will no longer accept to do any other weddings. Every bride has a dream wedding and we want to make this dream come true so we give you this lone chance to boss us around unless if you need expert in house style counseling for your friends and family. We may choose fabrics for you if you do not have your own fabrics but we strongly recommend you use our designs as it gets really tricky when trying to design someone else’s idea.

Hope to hear from you on the website or on Facebook.

Friday, 22 January 2010


Happy new year to all of you. God is good all the time.

I want to take this chance to thank you all for your love and support and for helping Maison d'Afie kick off last year. We have been involved in plenty of events in our few months of existence and have many more booked for 2010. We were very involved in Senge's wedding and an article regarding that will be following soon.
We thank God for his love and mercies and for the choices he makes for us.

Some of you know my dad works with the UN in Haiti and just about everyone is following up the horrible news that has been unfolding in an already devastated country. I thank the church for all the support they have given me and I continue to pray that God blesses each one of us and uses us for his purpose.

I was unable to rest when I got word of the quake in Haiti. My dad usually calls during times like that to reassure us but we could not get through to him and neither did he call. My cousin in Paris called to tell us that daddy was meant to be in the office as they had a phone appointment for 5pm-6pm Haiti time. That was very uncomfortable to hear because according to the news the quake began at 4.53pm.

I tried praying but couldn't as tears rolled down my cheecks nonstop. I had all sorts of broadcast sites open. BBC, CNN, MBS, you name it and there was no good news forthcoming. We had already established one thing, that daddy was in the office. My father in Christ then called to tell me it will be well and this made me cry even more. He said there was no need to cry as crying couldn't change the situation but prayers could. I spoke to my friend who had informed me of the quake and he suggested I send Dad an email. As I typed the mail saying " Daddy we desperately need to hear from you" I thought of how this would be the last mail I sent to my beloved dad and how there were so many other things I wanted to tell him.

My cousin called again and this time I had just read on some website that most UN workers were killed as the UN premises were reduced to dust. My heart sunk. It was reported that all in the office were likely buried in the crash and likely dead. The chief of staff was reported dead. My cousins urged me to stop reading any further information or watching tv and just pray. I closed everything and mustered every bit of faith I had and said a prayer. Then another one of my cousins who works at the UN called to ask what my dad's staff number was as she had managed to get through to Haiti on the phone. I logged into my inbox to look for it and there was an email from my dad, a thousand things raced through my mind as I opened the email. I thought the UN may have logged into his email box to send the dreaded announcement and as I opned it, it was him saying he was fine.
I have never been so elated.

Daddy is a born again. Has been since 1994 and Psalm 91 says those who dwell in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the Almighty... I encourage you all to please read this Psalm.

This has been a reinforcing message from God to me saying if I keep my trust in him and obey all his commands, he will never forsake me. God is soo good and sooo loving, he is beautiful in all he does. I can not even thank him enough.

Below is a copy of the mail my dad sent

By the grace of God I am fine. I had just got home and was trying to settle in when all of a sudden I found myself dancing uncontrollably. I prayed God to take control and managed to wade myself from the room to the exterior of the building, to the road. My number is 509xxxxxxx
Thanks for the concern.
God is Great and He is showing us His Greatness and love. Let every member of the family and friends as well as our supposed enemies, abandon wickedness and turn to Him wholeheartedly.

Praise the Lord!

Emmanuel Divine

I felt a need to share this with you Let us continue to pray for the rest of the families affected and for those in Haiti.

Haiti needs all the help you can offer now. They need food, clothes, water, shelter and all the things we take for granted. They need love from all of us. Your contributions will go a long way. They are in desperate poverty.

We are organising means to send help to Haiti and we will communicate this to you as soon as this is sorted. In the mean time we recommend the Red Cross
I know this may be redundant as a lot of you have already made contributions but please if you have not now is the time to show some love. We will organize something for helpers in Cameroon soon.